A visual identity for an exhibition about witches, fake news, and conspiracy myths.

The exhibition at the Beginenturm of the Historical Museum Hannover tells the stories of women who were denounced as witches. Through the use of video projection, audio collages, and augmented reality, parallels are drawn between historical local witch hunts and contemporary conspiracy theories. 400 handwritten pages of witch trial records from the early 17th century were transcribed and served as the foundation for the exhibition.

The visual identity captures the thematic significance of the subject matter and highlights the exhibition title typographically. It serves as a compelling invitation to engage with the content of the exhibition about fabricated culprits.


Theatrum / Historisches Museum Hannover


Exhibition Design, Poster Design, Editorial Design, Web Design

Project team

Lars Herzig, Raphael Knipping, André Nossek, Leo Volland

In the natural stone-colored surroundings of the Beginenturm, the key visual, with its vibrant colors, creates a striking visual contrast, hinting at how dangerously irrational beliefs can be.