Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe

Community Hospital Havelhöhe – Achieving More Together

Poor working conditions, overburdening, and a lack of interpersonal connection – the nursing profession has long been facing these fundamental challenges, even before the term “nursing crisis” became widespread. Therefore, with the new positioning, it was crucial to clearly articulate why nursing at the Community Hospital Havelhöhe has been understood and practiced differently for quite some time. This goes beyond merely distinguishing it from the industry’s standard situation and reclaiming the meaningfulness of the profession. Rather, it aligns with the lived philosophy of the institution, a commitment that has been upheld for over 25 years.

The introduction of the digital job portal was accompanied by an image campaign developed in close collaboration with the human resources and nursing service management. Within the nursing portal, applicants can learn about open positions and also have the option of a simplified direct application process.


Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe



Web Design, Recruitment Kampagne

Project team

Enno Herwig, Lars Herzig, Riikka Laakso (Illustration), André Nossek, Jörg Schrod, Leo Volland

The recruitment campaign specifically targets individuals who appreciate autonomous work and seek opportunities for professional involvement. The digital job portal provides detailed information on this aspect, explaining the offerings of innovative leadership concepts and numerous opportunities for involvement within the framework of self-administration.

Recruitment videos offer a glimpse into the daily work life at Community Hospital Havelhöhe, showcasing the work environment and, most importantly, allowing the employees to share their experiences and insights.

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For its 25th anniversary, Community Hospital Havelhöhe released a commemorative publication that reflects on its past achievements while also allowing space for future ideas. What exactly makes GKH Havelhöhe so special? Naturally, it’s the employees across all areas of the hospital. But it’s also the many initiatives and associations that have emerged from intensive engagement with the needs of patients. And it’s the willingness to evolve. Looking back over the past 25 years, GKH Havelhöhe has consistently been in flux, often even leading the way. It’s a dynamic place where renewal and development are embraced and supported together. The publication documents the contributions of the anniversary celebration and also provides information about the initiatives that have emerged over the past 25 years.