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freitagsküche – A New Online Presence for the Meeting Point of the Frankfurt Cultural Scene.

The freitagsküche is not a restaurant, but it sure looks like one. It serves as a social hub, exhibition space, and performance venue, where cooking, shared meals, and good conversations intertwine. Food becomes a vehicle for artistic expression. Today, you’ll find the Frankfurt art and cultural scene gathering here, along with international travelers dropping by. The name says it all. Every Friday, guest chefs, artists, and friends are invited to cook a meal together, showcase their work, and engage in dialogue. Here, food is more than just food intake.

For their online presence, we continued the already established black-and-white-dominated look of the freitagsküche. Additionally, it was important to promote the expanded service offerings, which include not only the culinary offerings and catering but also the rental of the premises and the modular mobile kitchen system.






Web Design

Project team

Lars Herzig, Maiken Laackmann, André Nossek, Timm Sedlmair, Leo Volland