Ascolta – A visual identity inspired by sound and a spirit of experimentation.

The ensemble Ascolta is one of the most influential contributors to contemporary music, with over 250 premieres to its name. From the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg to the Lucerne Festival, Ultima Oslo to Wien Modern, the ensemble is now a fixture at major festivals and concert halls across Europe. In their compositions, they blend precision and dedication with a boundary-pushing spirit of experimentation, crafting entirely new sonic landscapes.

How can sound and experimentalism be visually translated? For the ensemble’s new visual identity, we designed a font based on the concept of elements set in motion.


Ensemble Ascolta



Logo Design, Corporate Design, Web Design, Type Design

Project team

Lars Herzig, André Nossek, Leo Volland

We began by developing the characters of the logo font and then applied the design principle to the entire typeface. The font “Neue Klang VG” is a fundamental element of the visual identity of the Ascolta ensemble.

This typography significantly shapes the appearance of various communication materials, giving them a high level of recognition.