Plan F – Handbuch zur kommunalen Radverkehrsförderung

Having a plan is good. Having Plan F is even better. F stands for bicycle, progress, and expertise. Plan F assists municipalities in promoting cycling. To achieve this, Plan F organizes existing knowledge, measures, and guidelines for bicycle mobility and identifies necessary areas of action. This overview is complemented by current examples from municipal practice, tailored to urban and target-specific peculiarities. In this way, municipalities gain both an overview and concrete options for promoting cycling.

The core of Plan F lies in the systematization of practical examples and guidelines. The structured processing of materials into nine areas of action has resulted in a goal-oriented and clear collection of measures, provided to responsible persons in municipalities through the handbook.

Plan F is a collaborative project between Fair Spaces and FixMyCity, supported by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) as part of the National Cycling Plan (NRVP).


Fair Spaces / FixMyCity


Editorial Design, Art Direction

Project team

Lars Herzig, Prof. Nadja Mayer, André Nossek, Siri Poarangan, Leo Volland